Ronaldo: ‘Thank you, Gigi’

Ronaldo has thanked Luigi Simoni for ‘teaching me more than you could ever imagine’ after the former Inter boss passed away on Friday.

Ronaldo ‘Thank you Gigi’

Ronaldo enjoyed the best season of his Inter career under Simoni in 1997-98, scoring 34 goals in all competitions and winning the UEFA Cup.

“Gigi Simoni wasn’t just a coach for me,” he wrote on Instagram.

“If I think of him today, I think of him as a wise and good man, who didn’t force you to do things. Instead, he explained to you why those things were important.

“I think of a teacher, like in this photo we took at Christmas: he was the conductor and we were the orchestra.

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“That’s how I remember him, with that smile, his calm voice, his precious advice. We could and should have won more, but we won together, the thing he always preached to us.

“Thank you boss, you taught me more than you could ever imagine.”

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