Cardi B Reveals Massive New Back Tattoo


Cardi B’s body now plays host to a massive new art installation … because the ink has just dried on her insanely colorful back tattoo.
Cardi showed off her latest handiwork, which she says took months to complete, with a special shoutout to the tattoo artist. The piece traverses Cardi’s entire backside, from the top of her back down to the middle of her thigh. It’s festooned with flowers, butterflies and even a hummingbird.
The new tattoo isn’t Cardi’s first — she already had some serious ink on her other leg — but her latest, thanks to the steady hand of Jamie Schene, is a spectacle if not spectacular.
Cardi isn’t the first to engage in a rear-view coverup. Ben Affleck revealed an insane back piece a while ago. Fans thought he was clowning, but turns out it was the real deal.
Now that we think about it … what a perfect time to do something massively dramatic — while no one can see. Then, when we actually can re-emerge back into society … voila!!! We wait eagerly for the shock and awe of it all!!!


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